Naturally Nourished Episode 31: Ketosis vs Low-Glycemic

November 2, 2016


Are you confused about what the difference is between ketogenic, low-glycemic and low carb diets and which may be best for you? Are you experiencing stubborn weight loss and can’t decide what to do? Tune in to get full carb clarification!

In this Episode, Ali and Carli clarify the carb controversy! They discuss how many carbs is considered low vs ketogenic, when it is appropriate to fast and why it would be beneficial, and what carb choices are the best! Tune in to hear exactly what a balance day eating low carb is vs Ketogenic and why someone may want to chose one over the other. Ali discusses glucose as the primary source of fuel as well as how fat can also act as fuel and what this means for your health.

Also in this Episode:

  • Glucose vs glycogen vs glucagon

  • Intermittent fasting benefits

  • When NOT to fast

  • And more




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Naturally Nourished Episode 30: MRT inflammatory food blood test

September 28, 2016

If you have ever thought about taking a food intolerance test, THIS is the Episode for you. Whether you are suffering from IBS, reflux, heartburn, bloating gas, chronic fatigue, headaches, joint pain or other inflammatory imbalance, be sure to tune in to see how this test could be beneficial for you!

Episode 30 FINALLY goes into depth about the highly buzzed about  MRT blood test which is an inflammatory food panel that Ali and Carli frequently mention and often use at Naturally Nourished, Ali’s Houston based wellness clinic. Ali and Carli tell you all about what this test is, how it works, who they would recommend take it, what it treats and how they interpret it for their clients.

Also in this Episode:

  • MRT vs Elisa or Alcat test, IgG, vs gE

  • 3 R Approach to Gut Restoration

  • The inflammation Connection

  • Supplements to consider


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Naturally Nourished Episode 29: Balance Eating with a Busy Life

August 29, 2016

Do you feel like a health and wellness guru but can’t seem to make the sustainable changes a reality in your life? Do you ever feel like you are in a food rut or just don’t know what to cook for dinner anymore? In this Episode, Ali and Carli share some of their favorite go-to meals in a flash, no-cook lunch and snack ideas, smoothies, and more!

In this Episode, we share our tips and tricks to make eating healthy a reality! We know all too well the struggle of having a full time job, a family, and acting like a short order cook on top of it all! Its enough to make the most people just break and order take out every night.  Ali and Carli break down how they fit in nutritious food even on the busiest weeks, share their top 5 grocery staples and more!

Also in this Episode:

  • Tips on meal prep

  • How to make a balanced smoothie

  • Go to meals and snacks in a flash

  • Best food swap outs

  • Other resources for support!


Naturally Nourished Episode 28: Food As Medicine and functional approaches for ADHD

August 22, 2016

Some of the most over prescribed medications include Methamphetamines to treat attention deficits, especially in kids. However,  we know that ADHD and other psychological disorders may be caused by dietary and other digestive reasons and may be treated with food as medicine!

In this Episode, we focus on the brain food connection and techniques to feed yourself and your children for optimal brain function. Ali shares insight into the top 6 root causes of ADHD: Food allergies, micronutrient deficiencies, toxicity, pH imbalance, dysbiosis, blood sugar imbalances. Be sure to tune in to hear how these issues can lead to attention deficit, and more importantly, what can be done to treat them using food-as-medicine!

Also in this Episode:

  • Tips on optimal eating

  • Functional lab testing information

  • Medical grade supplementation

  • ADHD Choconana smoothie recipe!


Naturally Nourished Episode 27: Ali’s 3rd Trimester + Birth Story

July 26, 2016

With the build up from Ali’s 1st and 2nd trimester, this 3rd trimester episode is sure to surprise you with how baby Stella came into this world! Ali shares details of the last few weeks preparing for giving birth and then what happened when she received the news she never expected.

In this Episode, Ali shares her experiences, feelings, and sensations through the last few months. Working with a midwife and doula, Ali went through birth boot camp and saw a specialized Chiropractor to help make sure Stella was in line and ready to go! Ali also shares her macronutrient breakdown to help her get through the last few months of growth along with certain supplements.

Also in this Episode:

  • Braxton Hicks
  • Midwife vs doula
  • Natural or Gentle cesarean
  • Recovering from surgery


Naturally Nourished Episode 26: IBS

July 26, 2016

IBS is one of the mostcommonly diagnosed digestive imbalances, but what does it really tell you?In functional medicine, we refer to this as an umbrella term that doesn’tactually get at the root cause of the problem. In this Episode we will defineIBS-C (constipation) and IBS-D (diarrhea) and discuss functional medicineapproaches for both including tests for proper diagnosis, best supplements,foods to treat symptoms.

In the clinical setting, weask a lot of questions about digestion in order to determine if a digestiveconcern is bacterial or inflammatory based. We ask a lot of questions aboutwhat the stool is like, so YES we want you to look!  Once we have gottenan idea of what may be happening, we often recommend a stool assessment orinflammatory mediator test to get each client’s intervention 100% tailored tothem. In this episode we will go through each test and what information itshows us as well as possible interventions.

Also in this episode: 

    2nd Trimester Supplements

    Gender reveal…girl or boy????

    All about Pitichea and anemia

    Pregnancy constipation


Naturally Nourished Episode 25: Ali’s Second Trimester

May 5, 2016

If you heard Ali’s First Trimester story you will definitely want to hear about the 2nd trimester! Ali gets personal as she talks about frustrations of mis-diagnosis, mood and food related shifts, and ultimately taking the wheel of her pregnancy with full confidence. Tune in to hear the gender reveal!!

Although it has been overwhelmingly positive, Ali experienced some frustrations that she had to overcome in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. In this Episode, Ali shares with you her story of transitioning from an MD to a midwife, coping with some depression, opting out of a Glucose Tolerance Test, as well as shifts in her personal supplement lists, and more! If you are pregnant or plan on conceiving, you will want to hear the important lessons Ali has learned herself so you can be prepared!

Also in this episode:

  • 2nd Trimester Supplements

  • Gender reveal….girl or boy????

  • All about Pitichea and Anemia

  • Pregnancy constipation


Naturally Nourished Episode 24: Leaky Gut

May 5, 2016

From stomach aches, gas, and bloating to auto-immune disease and hormonal imbalnace: many diseases that may seem unrelated to the gut often start there! In this Episode Ali will walk you through common causes of leaky gut for prevention as well as an RRR gut restoration protocol to treat it!

Leaky gut or intestinal permeability  is when large protein molecules escape into the bloodstream. This triggers a chain of events where the body actually  mounts an immune response and attacks molecules, thinking that they are “invaders” since they are outside of the intestinal tract where they belong. Studies show that these attacks play a role in the development of autoimmune diseases. 

The main culprits as to why this “leaking” occurs  are foods, infections, and toxins. Gluten is the number one cause of leaky gut! In this Episode, Ali will discuss many other reasons why people experience leaky gut gut so often as well as the most common signs and symptoms including: dermatitis, season allergies/asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more!

Also in this episode:

  • RRR Gut restoration protocol

  • The MRT test and how it can help heal leaky gut

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Therapeutic FAM (food-as-medicine) foods


Naturally Nourished Episode 23: Boosting your Thyroid with food-as-medicine

April 20, 2016

Do you suspect that you have thyroid dysfunction due to changes in your metabolism, energy, sleep patterns or experiencing hair loss? If so or you been diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, hyperthyroid orhypothyroid, tune in to hear how you can restore your thyroid function with food-as-medicine!

You may have heard about the importance of your thyroid gland, in fact the thyroid gland controls the way you metabolize food, the way you use energy, lose and gain weight, how well or poorly you sleep, and much, much more. In this episode, Ali’s talks about how to support your thyroid to boost your metabolism and balance your body! Common symptoms of thyroid disorder include: constipation, depression, enlarged gland, fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle weakness, sensitivity to cold, swelling, weight gain, dry/rough skin, and dry/loss of hair, brittle nails, anxiety, insomnia, infertility and more! 

Often times, patients are misdiagnosed and the root cause of the issue is overlooked. Tune in to hear Ali’s functional medicine approach to addressing imbalance from lab testing to which foods are important to incorporate or avoid! 

Also in this episode:

  • Clinical markers and what they mean including: T4, T3,TSH, Anti-TOP, Anti-TG, and more!
  • The HPA axis and auto-immune connection
  • Foods that boost thyroid function
  • A Thyroid Boosting Recipe!


Naturally Nourished Episode #22 Candida Albicans and Yeast

April 8, 2016

Do you suffer from: bloat, IBS/diarrhea/constipation, fatigue, rashes, or brain fog? Curious if you have candida yeast overgrowth or overgrowth of bad bacteria? In this episode Ali explains the symptoms, causes, and most importantly the solutions to address Candida Albicans or an overgrowth of yeast.

In this episode Ali demystifies one of the most common causes of digestive disorders and mysterious symptoms: Candida Albicans. “Candida” is an opportunistic fungus, which is a form of yeast in the body that is naturally occurring. Everyone has some level of yeast in their system, but it is the overgrowth of Candida Albicans that can wreak havoc and lead to dysfunction. When this powerful yeast takes over, Candida releases toxic byproducts into the bloodstream, many of which can act as neurotoxins leading to headaches and brain fog. 

The human body holds 3-5 pounds of living bacteria that has the opportunity to work with our body or against it. When in a state of symbiosis the gut bacteria can aid with absorption of nutrients, production of serotonin and other natural antidepressants, regulation of immune function and cancer fighting compounds, and improvement of digestive function. When in the state of dysbiosis, bad bacteria can take over, leading to a host of symptoms!

Also in this episode:

  • Candida Symptoms
  • How to diagnose Candida
  • Anti-fungals + Probiotics
  • Candida Diet: what to eat and what to avoid
  • Candida Cleanse
  • And more!