Episode 93: Getting Autoimmune Disease Into Remission

July 16, 2018

Are you or someone you know struggling with an autoimmune disease? Want to know how to best prevent or manage an active flare? Curious to hear what Ali keeps in her toolbelt to manage her autoimmune condition? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down autoimmune disease from its root causes to diagnostic criteria to how flares present themselves. Learn about the stress connection and what occurs in the body under stress on a cellular level, plus get tips and tricks for rebounding your body and getting autoimmune disease into remission!


In this episode, Ali and Becki go deep into how stress and HPA axis dysfunction can manifest as a new autoimmune diagnosis or a flare of a known condition. Stress in and of itself can imbalance gut bacteria, drive leaky gut and cause an inflammatory shift in the body that left unchecked can wreak havoc on the immune system! Learn about how to rebalance and support the immune system versus suppress it using diet and strategic supplementation. Find out what Ali’s go-to formulas are for stress management, managing inflammation and supporting immune system resilience to turn off attack mode that often manifests in a flare.


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Episode 92: DHEA, The Fountain of Youth with Guest Stephen Cherniske

July 9, 2018

Have you heard of DHEA? Want to know why biochemist Stephen Cherniske calls it his favorite molecule? Wondering whether supplemental DHEA might be the anti-aging and weight loss boost you need? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview Stephen Cherniske for his second time on the podcast talking all about DHEA, the most abundant circulating hormone in the human body.


In this episode, Ali and Becki tap into Stephen’s expertise in the area of anti-aging and metabolic health. Learn why DHEA is considered the most comprehensive repair signal in the body, yet receives very little attention at the clinical level. Learn about Stephen’s personal experience with DHEA supplementation, why reference ranges should be thrown out the window and how supplementation with proper monitoring can be a game changer!


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More about Stephen Cherniske:


Stephen Cherniske has been a university instructor in clinical nutrition, served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, and directed the nation’s first Federally-licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology. Stephen’s ability to translate technical scientific data into “apple and orange” language is extremely valuable for anyone trying to separate the facts from the fads. He is a patent-holder in the field of biotechnology and is considered the primary architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging. He is author of: The DHEA Breakthrough in 1996, expanded upon in The Metabolic Plan (2003) and further examined in The Metabolic Makeover (2014).


You can find Stephen and more information here:

The Metabolic Makeover

The Healthy Skeptics

My 2048.com


Episode 91: Men’s Health

July 2, 2018

Have you been patiently waiting for us to do an episode specifically on men’s health? Are you looking to address male hormonal concerns, prostate or cardiovascular health? Want to hear our take on using food-as-medicine to address common concerns with aging, hair loss or cognitive performance for men? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss common concerns such as elevated PSA and the downside of statin drugs in this episode that is just for the dudes!


In this long-awaited episode, Ali and Becki tackle common issues related to men’s health and wellness. All too often symptoms men experience like frequent urination, hair loss or dwindling energy and cognitive performance are written off as a “normal” part of the aging process, overlooking true root causes like micronutrient deficiency, inflammation or hormonal imbalance! This episode will empower you (or the guy in your life) to take control of your health and avoid unnecessary medication, address bothersome symptoms and reclaim your energy and drive!


Also In This Episode:

GI Lining (contains glutamine for muscle repair and to alleviate post-workout fatigue)


Episode 90: KetoCon Wrap Up and Q&A

June 25, 2018

Did you miss KetoCon this year but still want to get the highlights? Curious to know about emerging trends in the keto world? Want to hear about our favorite new products before they hit the grocery store? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki recount their experience at KetoCon 2018, from the awesome new products and old faithful staples to the stories shared and the hugs given!

In this Episode, Ali and Becki review the best new products sampled at KetoCon and explain why some of the tried and true are still their favorites! Plus hear about what products from the swag bags went straight in the trash and why! Learn about trends in the lectures from n=1 self experimentation to the movement toward real food to the focus on mental health and stress. Hear about the new connections made, some exciting upcoming podcast guests and hear Ali answer burning questions about keto asked at the conference!

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Episode 89: Why I HATE Non-Caloric Sweeteners

June 18, 2018


Want to know our take on non-caloric sweeteners like stevia, monkfruit and erythritol? Have you wondered if these zero calorie “natural” options are too good to be true? Want to know why we don’t have a SINGLE recipe with non-caloric sweeteners? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss this controversial topic live from KetoCon.


In this Episode Ali and Becki take on the topic of non-caloric sweeteners and why they have no place in a real food diet. From their highly processed nature to the impact on insulin and the gut microbiome, the emerging trend of keto-friendly desserts and treats might be more dangerous than we think. Ali emphasizes the focus on whole real foods in their least refined form and why it may be more reasonable to use minimal amounts of nutritive sweeteners while shifting your palate from an unnatural sweetness to channeling savory.


Supportive supplements discussed:

GI Lining Support Powder to curb sugar cravings and heal leaky gut

GABA calm to reduce impulse and binge eating while supporting relaxation in times of transition and stress

Calm and Clear as a foundational formula to support stress reactivity and resilience while promoting a restful state and improving mental clarity

Bundle Bacteria and Yeast cleanse to reset microbiome and reduce imbalanced bacteria that can drive sugar cravings or get thrown off by use of artificial sweeteners

Books and programs discussed:

Virtual Food-as-Medicine Ketosis class a 12-week program focusing on real food as medicine while applying elements of functional medicine support

Beat the Bloat Candida and Dysbiosis cleanse a 6 week cleanse to plow the gut microbiome to reset for probiotic support and improve mood, digestion, reduce inflammation and bloating

Anti-Anxiety Diet my new book coming out July 2018!

Naturally Nourished cookbook, my first book that features over 100 anti-inflammatory recipes and includes my favorite real food sweeteners


Blogs and other podcast episodes discussed:

Insulin Resistance blog

Maca Cacao Fat bombs

Chocolate Peanut Butter gelatin

Stella’s 2nd birthday cake flourless chocolate


Favorite products discussed:

FBombs nut butter packs that have no artificial sweeteners, use code AliMillerRD to get 20% off first order!


Episode 88: Nourishing Your Toddler and Stella’s 2nd Birthday

June 12, 2018

Are you dying to know what Ali has been feeding Stella? Curious about her food philosophy for babies and toddlers? Want to get the low down on Stella’s food as medicine and supplement game that has kept her healthy and thriving? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss Baby Led Weaning, developing your toddler’s palate and what optimal eating looks like for a two year old!


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss signs of readiness for food, when to start introducing first foods and how conventional approaches have got it all wrong when it comes to optimal eating for babies and toddlers. Learn how a paleo approach can be incredibly nourishing for developing little ones’ brains and bodies, how much carbs, protein and fat kiddos really need and whether supplements are necessary to support optimal development and immune function. Plus, hear what Stella eats on a typical day and learn about her menu for her second birthday!


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Episode 87: The Gut Brain Axis

June 5, 2018

Have you heard about the gut being the second brain of the body? Are you curious about the connection between gut health and anxiety? Want to know how to best support mental health starting with the gut? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the upcoming release of The Anti-Anxiety Diet and cover the foundational 6Rs for managing anxiety. Learn about the role of gut microbes on neurotransmitter production, how inflammatory foods can contribute to mood imbalance and how stress can impact the gut.


In this Episode, Ali and Becki explore how stress and anxiety can have a chicken and egg relationship with gut health. Chronic stress depletes nutrients that support brain health and impacts gut barrier integrity leading to increased food sensitivities. It can also sterilize beneficial gut bacteria, leading to pathogenic overgrowth. Find out how you can use food as medicine to support a healthy gut lining, manage bacterial overgrowth and fuel beneficial gut flora to reduce anxiety and depression


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Episode 86: Surviving Summer Travel

May 28, 2018

Do you struggle to stay on track during travel? Want to avoid the dreaded ten pound vacation weight gain and come home feeling your best? Need some ideas of what to pack to maintain your real food or keto lifestyle? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki troubleshoot common travel pitfalls, discuss favorite travel hacks and snacks to pack. Plus get tips to ensure your supplement game is strong so you can avoid bloat and digestive distress and support your immune system.


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss upcoming travel plans and the snacks, supplements and gadgets that keep them sane on vacation. While travel can derail clean eating, it can also be an opportunity to explore regional cuisine and experience other cultures. From gluten exposure to excessive alcohol to foodborne illness, vacations come with their own set of hazards. Learn how you can best prepare for your upcoming trip so you can return home rested and revitalized. Plus Ali answers your burning listener questions about the safety of detox during pregnancy and how to support bone health.


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Episode 85: 3 Micronutrients: Asparagine, CoQ10 and Zinc

May 21, 2018

Curious whether your real food diet is covering all your bases of nutrients your body needs? Are you dealing with bothersome symptoms and wondering if it could be a micronutrient deficiency? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki take a deep dive into 3 specific micronutrients often deficient in the American diet: Asparagine, CoQ10 and Zinc.


In this Episode Ali and Becki will break down the best way to test for micronutrient deficiencies and how this differs from standard serum testing you might get at your doctor’s office. Learn about Asparagine, CoQ10 and Zinc in terms of why they become deficient, their functions in the body, symptoms of deficiency and recommendations for repletion.


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Episode 84: The Importance of Detox on Keto

May 14, 2018

Are you curious whether a detox is right for you on top of your clean eating lifestyle or ketogenic diet? Have you hit a plateau with keto and want to know if a detox might help? Want to learn about the influence of keto on male and female hormones? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the reasons that the rapid weight loss keto can drive the need for a detox including storage of toxins in our fat cells and the estrogenic nature of fat tissue. Learn about the influence of toxins in the body and get an in depth explanation of the detox process.


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss detox specifically for those following a ketogenic diet or for anyone who has experienced fat loss. Toxins from our diet and environment end up sequestered in our body fat and when that fat is lost, it can often drive symptoms of toxicity or hormonal imbalance. This can lead to plateaus, unfavorable body composition and hormonal symptoms such as hot flashes. You’ll also learn about genetic SNPs that influence our ability to detoxify, why the type of ketogenic diet you do matters and how a 10 Day Detox can be just what you need to feel best in your body.


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