Naturally Nourished Episode 72: 3 Micronutrients: Magnesium, Vitamin C and Glutamine

February 20, 2018

Wondering if you’re getting all the nutrients you need from your real food diet? Dealing with bothersome symptoms and wondering if it could be a micronutrient deficiency? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki take a deep dive into 3 specific micronutrients often deficient in the American diet: Magnesium, Vitamin C and Glutamine.

In this Episode Ali and Becki will break down what drives nutrient deficiency in the first place, from increased demand to medication depletions. They will discuss the main functions of each nutrient as well as common symptoms of deficiency and give food and supplement recommendations for repletion.


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Naturally Nourished Episode 71: Aphrodisiac Foods

February 12, 2018

Looking to improve your sex life or balance hormones? Wondering if there is any truth to the idea of aphrodisiac foods like oysters, strawberries and dark chocolate? Want the perfect menu to set the mood? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the history and origin of aphrodisiacs and break down the reasons why foods can be classified in this way. Learn about nutrient deficiencies that can lead to hormonal imbalance, why stress kills libido and get recipe ideas to get you in the mood!


In this fun episode, Ali and Becki discuss the health benefits of sex and how having a healthy sex life can optimize your wellness. Learn about the historical significance of aphrodisiacs and the nutritional science behind foods that can support healthy sex drive and fertility like asparagus, pumpkin seeds and avocados. Get tasty menu ideas that combine aphrodisiac foods and learn about simple ways to balance hormones and get your groove back!


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  • Coconut Oil in the Bedroom

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Naturally Nourished Episode 70: Dirty Genes with Dr. Ben Lynch

February 5, 2018

 Intrigued by the topic of epigenetics and want to go deeper? Want practical tips on how you can influence and modify your genetic expression to prevent disease? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview leading methylation expert Dr. Ben Lynch about how our genes are NOT our destiny and his new book, Dirty Genes. Learn about the most common genetic SNPs that can influence our health and wellbeing, how Dr. Lynch uses genetic data to customize his nutritional approaches and how you can apply this information in your everyday life!

 In this Episode, Ali and Becki take a deeper dive into epigenetics, nutrigenomics and genetic SNPs with leading expert Dr. Ben Lynch. Dr. Lynch received his Cell and Molecular Biology, BS from the University of Washington and his ND from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying the root cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction and he delves deeper into this subject in his new book, Dirty Genes. From practical tips for cleaning up your “dirty genes” to basic recommendations for MTHFR, GST and COMT genetic mutations, you will learn how you can rewrite your genetic destiny.

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Naturally Nourished Episode 69: Epigenetics and Methylation

January 29, 2018

Have you ever heard yourself say “it’s in my genes so there’s nothing I can do”? Feel like your future health is beyond your control? Wondering why you respond differently to certain supplements or diets from other people you know? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the topic of epigenetics and how you can control the way that your genes get expressed! Learn about how you can empower yourself by knowing your genetic predisposition and using targeted nutrients and lifestyle modifications to support best outcomes.

In this Episode, Ali and Becki break down the seemingly complex topic of epigenetics and go over the basics of genetic SNPs, methylation and what this all means for your health. The environment, our lifestyle choices and the foods that we put into our body can actually be greater influencers of our genes than the genetic code itself. From mood disorders like anxiety and depression to weight gain to cardiovascular risk, many conditions are coded for in our genetics BUT are not necessarily our destiny. Learn about supplement recommendations that influence genetic expression as well as diet and lifestyle modifications to move beyond the cards you were dealt and achieve optimal health!

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Naturally Nourished Episode 68: Supporting Your Immune System Naturally

January 22, 2018

Were you caught off guard by this year’s cold and flu season? Feeling run down or like you are always fighting something? Want to make sure your Farmacy is stocked with all the right tools for supporting your system through illness? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the function of the immune system, why your immune system can become imbalanced in the first place as well as foods and supplements to support best immune response.


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss the main drivers of a compromised immune system, which can lead to susceptibility to cold, and flu as well as more serious diseases like cancer and autoimmune conditions if left unchecked. The immune system is our body’s surveillance system that works to protect us from foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, parasites and even abnormal tissue growth like tumors. Lear about key players in the immune system, how we can best support the immune system as well as our favorite preventative measures to keep in stock for cold, flu, ear infections and more!


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Naturally Nourished Episode 67: Successful Resolutions & Goal Setting

January 16, 2018

Are you already struggling with keeping your resolutions for this year? Feeling unmotivated or unsure of how to approach your health and wellness goals? Want to hear our take on resolutions and goal setting to make this year your healthiest, most productive and most balanced year yet? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki delve deep into the topic of new years resolutions, creating new habits and successful goal setting.


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss why resolutions work well for some but not for others, the keys to a successful resolution or goal, as well as share practical tips for long term habit change. Creating accountability and structure can be two of the key components to successful habit change, but they are often missing from our new year's resolutions, making them seem like a huge undertaking that we may not be able to achieve. Ali and Becki will give you practical tips for breaking our goals down into smaller, more measurable pieces and how creating structure can ultimately lead to more balance and freedom! Learn about our goals for 2018 and how we plan to approach them, the role of authenticity in goal setting and how starting with a vision can make all the difference!


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Naturally Nourished Episode 66: Over-Exercising

January 9, 2018

Are you a gym rat or treadmill junkie who has suddenly hit a plateau? Wondering why you are feeling burned out by your bootcamp? Do you feel like you work out all the time but just cannot lose weight? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki discuss the epidemic of over-exercising and how it can create imbalance in the body and why weight loss does NOT come down to a calories in, calories out equation!

In This Episode, Ali and Becki go deep into why you might want to pump the brakes on your workout routine. While exercise can have benefits of improved cardiovascular health, circulation and detoxification as well as body composition change, too much exercise or not listening to your body can actually derail the whole process. From adrenal and thyroid burnout to high cortisol and belly fat storage, this episode breaks down the signs you might be over-exercising and how to start listening to your body again. Learn about how your HIIT workout could be sabotaging your stress response, how long distance running can cause oxidative stress and what exercises we DO recommend as an alternative.


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Naturally Nourished Episode 65: Forecasting Nutrition and Functional Medicine Trends

January 1, 2018


Want to hear our take on the biggest trends of 2017? Wondering what is all hype and what we think is here to stay? Curious about the next big thing in 2018? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki review this past year’s health and wellness trends, from what will stay on through next year to what is total hype and not worth your money!

In this Episode, Ali and Becki close out the year with a fun episode reviewing some of the best (and worst) wellness trends we have seen in the past year. From vitamin vaping and unicorn toast to superfood lattes and ketogenic diets, this past year has come with its own set of surprising trends. Find out which ones are here for the long haul and which ones we’d like to never see again!


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Naturally Nourished Episode 64: Carb Cycling and Fat Fueled Profiles with Guest Leanne Vogel

December 27, 2017

Are you suffering from carb confusion in ketosis? Worried that being keto means you can never touch a carb again? Confused by carb cycling or unsure of where to start? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki interview keto guru Leanne Vogel about her book The Keto Diet and her unique approach to ditching the keto dogma and figuring out what works best for your body!


In this Episode, Ali and Becki pick Leanne’s brain about all things keto, from how she got started with her journey to how she discovered the beauty of carb cycling and so much more! Whether you are a fat-adapted keto-warrior or are just starting to consider keto, this episode is a refreshing reminder that black and white diet rules don’t work for everyone. From defining carb ups to discussing her concept of metabolic profiles to nerding out on the hormonal influence of keto and carbs, Leanne shares her wealth of knowledge from her personal experience of coaching thousands through their own keto journeys.

Also In This Episode:

  • 3 Key Hormones Impacted by Keto and Carbs

    • Insulin
    • Cortisol
    • Leptin
  • Defining Carb Ups
  • Is Testing Ketones Necessary?
  • How Your Metabolic Profile Determines your Needs
  • Troubleshooting Keto and Supporting Your Journey
  • Leanne’s Rocket Fuel Latte: A (creamy) upgrade to the classic keto butter coffee... without butter! Specifically made to assist women in burning fat all morning long while regulating hormones and abolishing cravings

8 oz. brewed decaf or regular coffee or your favorite tea
1 tablespoon liquid MCT oil or powdered MCT oil or coconut oil
1 tablespoon cacao butter
1 tablespoon hemp hearts or your choice of nut/seed butter
2-4 drops alcohol-free stevia, optional
1 tablespoon grass-fed collagen


Leanne’s Bio

Leanne Vogel is the founder of Healthful Pursuit, best-selling author of over 11 health programs, host of The Keto Diet Podcast, author of the bestselling paperback, The Keto Diet, and the creator of Fat Fueled living - a holistic, paleo- friendly approach to a ketogenic, high-fat diet. She has been in the field of nutrition since receiving her holistic nutrition certification in 2007. Leanne shares free videos, podcasts, recipes and keto-friendly resources on her blog,


Where to find more:


Twitter: @be_healthful




Naturally Nourished Episode 63: Intermittent Fasting

December 19, 2017

Can intermittent fasting really help you drop pounds of body fat, gain mental clarity and prevent cancer and alzheimer’s disease? Or is this all too good to be true? Curious if intermittent fasting is right for you or how to get started? Tune in to hear Ali and Becki break down the benefits of intermittent fasting, the basics for getting started and how to know if fasting will support your health goals!


In this Episode, Ali and Becki discuss the basics of intermittent fasting including how and why it is done, different types of fasts and how it can help to break old patterns of overeating and overconsumption! In modern society, access to food is a constant and we have gotten so far removed from the ancestral patterns of hunter gatherer society or feast and famine as a true reality. Intermittent fasting can help us to break away from this overfed model, but beyond a mindset shift it can also allow the body to use stored fat as fuel. Beyond weight loss, other benefits have been seen in cancer treatment, neurological disease and cognitive decline. Learn about tools that can support intermittent fasting, when fasting is appropriate and how this tool can be a part of an even bigger lifestyle shift toward using fat as fuel!


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