Naturally Nourished EPISODE 21: Ali’s Pregnancy Story 1st Trimester

March 14, 2016

In this Episode Ali gets personal by sharing the details of her first trimester of pregnancy. From struggles with getting pregnant to researching doctors and midwives, Ali tells all in hopes that her story can help guide others to making the most informed choices as possible. Ali sharesher most helpful tidbits about supplements, food, resources, blood-work, and more! If you have ever thought about a home birth, skipping a glucose tolerance test, or even bio-identicals during pregnancy then be sure to tune in! 

Also included in this episode: 

     Endometriosis physiology, symptoms, and treatments

     Functional Medicine tests to prepare for pregnancy

     Trimester 1 Symptoms

     Glucose Tolerance Tests-ICK!

     And more!


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 20: Infertility

March 14, 2016

Ali Miller RD LD CDE records this podcast in the beginning of her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy, after struggling with infertility from endometriosis. In this episode Ali delves into her own journey and breaksdown the top 6 reasons of infertility. Ali discusses functional labs that can help you uncover the root cause of your imbalance as well as food-as-medicine approaches to get back on track. Ali also talks about the typical conventional interventions for infertility and how they can wreak further havoc on your body and create further imbalance including Clomid and Metformin. Finally Ali willreview the top 5 nutrients that are important for fertility. 

Also included in this episode: 

     The best Supplements for fertility

     Fertility Smoothie Recipe

     Endometriosis and ablation 


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 19: Detox Part 2

March 8, 2016

Ali Miller RD LD CDE has developed a 10 day real food detox program called Reset, Restore, Renew, in order to guide people through a true medical grade detox. Each component of the RRR, Ali has strategically selected a lifestyle, dietary, and medical grade supplement focus to ensure a full body reboot. In this Episode, Ali will touch on each pillar of the detox program including: Rest your Metabolism, Restore your Digestion and Renew Your Vitality. Find out what truly makes a detox different from clean eating and how you can get started today.

Also included in this episode:

  • The step by step breakdown of how the RRR Detox program works

  • Lifestyle tips to support everyday detox

  • Common symptoms before during and after detox

  • Detox and weight loss


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 18: Detox Part 1

March 7, 2016

Say it with us, “A juice cleanse is NOT a detox!” In this episode you will learn why this is true! Part 1 of our Detox podcast will undoubtedly make you want to detox with some shock and awe facts our our environment and food system. Ali thoroughly explains the 2 phases of a medical detox, foods and nutrients that are important to incorporate, as well as who should and should not detox.  Some of the benefits that have been associated with successful detox include:

  • Slowing Down the Aging Process

  • Improved Energy

  • Mood Stability

  • Weight Loss

  • Reduced Joint and Muscle Pain

  • Improved Sleep, Skin, and Digestion

  • Prevent Chronic Disease

  • Improved Quality of Life

Also included in this episode:

  • Phase 1 vs Phase 2 detoxification

  • Disease states that can stem from toxicity including: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, autoimmune conditions, ADHD, Autism, Cancer, and Diabetes and more!

  • The importance of an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and  antioxidants during a detox

  • Some of the most common detox mistakes!


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 17: IFM Updates and Listener Q&A

February 15, 2016

Ali Miller RD LD and her two on staff Registered Dietitians:Carli Vogler RD LD (Co-host) and Lindsay Reno, all went to Atlanta Georgia forfor training from the Institute of Functional Medicine. They went to both theCardiometabolic and Immune Modules to continue learningcutting edge therapies to further enhance your food-as-medicine treatmentplans! Listen to hear Ali and Carli’s biggest take-aways and “ah ha!”moments and where they believe functional medicine is headed.

Also in this episode, Ali answers 8 of listener’s burningquestions including:

     What do you think could be the cause of break outsafter work outs?

     When is the best time to take a probitic?And what if Idon’t react well to it?

     High Cholesterol runs in my family, do I have to limitthe number of eggs I eat?

     What is something I can do for my reflux? Do I need toavoid acidic foods?

     I keep getting yeast infections, how can I preventthese? tampon with yogurt???

      Why has foodcombining never been addressed on your site? 


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 16: 5 Hormones that Make You Fat

February 15, 2016

If you are restricting calories orlimiting your diet but not seeing results, hormones may be to blame! Hormonescan impact your ability to use calories, balance blood sugar, boost metabolism,burn belly fat, and gain satisfaction from foods. In this episode, Ali Millerwill share 5 hormones that may be making you fat and share a recipe that canhelp get things on track! Hormones covered in this episode include Leptin(plays a role with satiety or feeling of satisfaction), Estrogen (a sexhormonethat pays a role in belly fat but also in emotions and supple skin) Cortisol(primary stress hormone released during fight-or-flight), Adiponectin (made inthe body’s fat stores and plays a role with how efficient the body is atmetabolizing calories) and Dopamine (a neurohormone that plays a role in rewardseeking or cravings). Learn more about all 5, which foods can increase ordecrease their production, and more!


Also covered in thisepisode:

     A recipe that address all 5hormones with Food-As-Medicine

     What labs you may want torun to assess hormones

     Important Vitamins,Minerals, and Supplements to consider

     The relationship betweenfat and hormones 


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 15: Ketosis Part 2

February 8, 2016

Ketosis is different than most diets as to most diets are onlyfocused on calories in and calories out. A ketosis diet does not requirecalorie restriction and actually is supported by high protein and high fatfoods which are satiating and satisfying. Ketosis only requires the removal ofgrains and starches which are typically nutritionally devoid and starchyvegetables and fruits while in phase 1. When in Ketosis, you may also want toconsider Intermittent fasting which is said to mimic the habits of ourancestors who did not have restaurants and grocery stores and would roam forfood and periodically skip meals or have a longer period of time in betweenmeals or eating. In this Episode, Ali will discuss how to fast safely withoutbeing hungry but more importantly, she will explain the hormonal, bloodglucose, and cognitive benefits of fasting. 

Also covered in thisepisode:

     How do you know if you arein Ketosis?

     Biggest mistakes peoplemake when in Ketosis

     The power of protein andhow much should you eat

     Working out in Ketosis


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 14: Ketosis Part 1

February 8, 2016

Ketosis is the state in which the body is breaking downfat to be used as energy in place of sugar. While in ketosis your body producesketone bodies which are produced by the liver from fat to be used as energy.The Standard American Diet (SAD) is predominately made up of carbohydrates anddevoid or healthy fats, nourishing proteins and disease fighting non starchyveggies. A diet high in carbohydrates (like the SAD) causes our body to becomeefficient at burning carbohydrates for fuel but unfortunately inefficient atburning FAT for fuel. A diet higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates canactually cause the body to become more efficient at burning fat. Though itsounds counterintuitive; increasing fat intake can actually help you lose fat.In the episode Ali will walk you through the basics of Ketosis including how itworks, what it is used to treat, and who should avoid it.

 Also covered in this episode:

      Hidden Carbohydrate Sources & Coping withKetosis

     The Importance of Hydration

     How Ketosis is differentthan Adkins and other ‘low carb’ diets

     What foods to eat inKetosis and Focusing on Abundance 


Naturally Nourished EPISODE 13: Adrenal Fatigue

January 11, 2016

When the HPA Axis is over-activated, it can lead to destructive imbalance. This axis regulates your body’s health from body temperature to satiety, fluid retention, metabolism, and beyond! It regulates three glands: the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands. The adrenal glands produce steroid hormones including the infamous stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is the main culprit of the adrenals that drive imbalance in inflammation, immune system, drive belly fat or excessive fatigue when levels are off, and regulate sleep and energy levels.

In this episode, Ali will elucidate the connection between adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, increased food sensitivities, digestive disturbances, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, and stubborn weight loss. Often when searching for a solution with an ongoing health condition, people will pick at layers of the symptom rather than understanding that managing this axis can resolve an array of chronic conditions.

If you think you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue, tune in to learn how to support adrenal recovery for an overworked HPA-axis!

Also covered in this episode:

  • Signs and Symptoms of adrenal fatigue

  • Hormone panels available to diagnose adrenal fatigue

  • Herbs and supplements to re-regulate the HPA axis.

  • Food-As-Medicine recommendations for adrenal fatigue

  • Ali’s Adrenal Rehab Elixir

Naturally Nourished EPISODE 12: Boosting Your Immune System

December 15, 2015

The immune system is the body’s surveillance and defense system that works to protect the body from invaders such as: pathogens from bacteria, parasite, and virus, abnormal tissue such as tumors and more.  It is the immune system’s job to upregulate the cellular players to fight off these compounds and regulate inflammatory response. When the immune system is compromised, however,  our defense system is down and we are more susceptible to imbalance leading to chronic illness, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, Cancer and other conditions.

In this episode Ali will talk about the key players in the immune system including Natural Killer Cells, White Blood Cell macrophages, T-cells, lymphocytes and the different defense systms the body has in place to protect against invasion; surface barriers, inflammation, chemical and adaptive cells.

Ali will also  discuss what it means to have a compromised immune function or higher susceptibility to cold and flu, emphasizing HPA axis regulation, sleep, micronutrients and her best remedies if prevention is not enough.

Also covered in this episode:

  • Probiotics and the Immune system connection

  • Ali’s favorite natural remedies for a cold, flu, cough, and stuffy nose

  • Nervines for improving sleep

  • Essential Oil recommendations