Naturally Nourished Episode 26: IBS

July 26, 2016

IBS is one of the mostcommonly diagnosed digestive imbalances, but what does it really tell you?In functional medicine, we refer to this as an umbrella term that doesn’tactually get at the root cause of the problem. In this Episode we will defineIBS-C (constipation) and IBS-D (diarrhea) and discuss functional medicineapproaches for both including tests for proper diagnosis, best supplements,foods to treat symptoms.

In the clinical setting, weask a lot of questions about digestion in order to determine if a digestiveconcern is bacterial or inflammatory based. We ask a lot of questions aboutwhat the stool is like, so YES we want you to look!  Once we have gottenan idea of what may be happening, we often recommend a stool assessment orinflammatory mediator test to get each client’s intervention 100% tailored tothem. In this episode we will go through each test and what information itshows us as well as possible interventions.

Also in this episode: 

    2nd Trimester Supplements

    Gender reveal…girl or boy????

    All about Pitichea and anemia

    Pregnancy constipation


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